• My Background check hasn’t cleared?

Email SAFESPORT@USSSA.ORG they will be able to help you.

  • I can’t approve or see any information on my Parent/ Guardian page?

Either you have the incorrect password or ID or your browser has blocked the page. First try opening the page with Google Chrome. If that doesn’t work enter your email in the Lost ID section of the page and see if you are using the correct password. If you still can’t see the information email the player’s info to

  • I can’t see the approve button for the waiver?

Your computer or phone is blocking the button. The approve button is on the button of the waiver. Try opening on Google Chrome or take off your pop-up blocker.

  • How do I find the brackets or scores on the new web site?

Under quick search select the director or enter the zip code.

Hit search

Click the name of the event

If you are on a computer select GAME CENTER

If you are on your phone select the one that looks like a bracket. It is the last blue button

Select the age, then class

Then POOL PLAY, BRACKET or Results

Coaches log on, select Dashboard.

Then select view my events.

Follow steps above

  • My team isn’t showing up under “TEAMS”?

Your team won’t show up under “TEAMS” until you play in a tournament

I made an error entering a player’s info.

Do not try to fix it yourself. Email with the correct information. Include your team name and age.

  • I want to change my team name.

Email the current team name and age and the new name you would like it change too. Your insurance will still be active with the new name.

  • I lost my Password or ID?

You can retrieve your Password and ID by entering your email in the lost ID link.

  • The results of a tournament are entered wrong?

Contact the director listed on the top of the results page.

  • Can a player be on 2 different rosters after their rosters are frozen?

Yes, as long as they are 2 different ages and the older team is equal to or lower in class then the younger team.

  • What is the criteria for re-classing teams?

Each team is looked at every Tuesday from mid-March until early June. Teams are moved based on: overall win/loss record, in-class record, power rating, how they finish in tournaments and input from other coaches and directors.

  • Can a team add players to a frozen roster?

You can add 3 players after your roster is frozen. All players must be added before the start of your first game of a tournament. If the players are not added in time, they cannot play in the tournament.