Post Season Qualifying

State Tournaments: All tournaments after May 1st qualify the top 25% in each age and class for the State Tournament. If the winning teams have already qualified then the berth will be passed down.

World Series: You must play in your home states state tournament to qualify for any World Series. You can only play in the state tournament that you are going to the World Series for. Example A 9AA team must play in the 9AA State to play in the 9AA World Series. Exception: you can play in a higher age as long as it’s the same classification or you can play in the same age group as long as you play in a higher classification. Example 9AA can play 10AA; 9AA can play 9AAA or 9Major. 9AAA can not play 10AA.

Global World Series: You must be registered as a global team and you must play in a Global Qualifier. You must play in your home state’s state tournament.

Elite World Series: Teams can qualify only through a Super NIT Tournament. You must play in the state tournament.