Elite World Series

Subject: Super NIT Travel Money – DeMarini Elite World Series

New for 2021 DeMarini Elite World Series

All Select Super NITs will offer $500 travel money to the winning team in each major division in addition to a berth to the Elite World Series. Here is how it works:

1. Each Major Division of a Select Super NIT will offer $500 travel money to the winner. If the 1st place team is not attending the DeMarini Elite World Series, the travel money can pass down to the next team. Travel money will not pass down past 4th place.

2. If a team already has a berth to the Elite, they can still accept the travel money. This gives teams an opportunity to stockpile travel money for this event throughout the entire year.

3. Teams will receive a check for their travel money earned at check in for the Elite World Series.

4. Any team not meeting the requirements to attend the DeMarini Elite World Series will forfeit any previously accepted travel money. If a team disbands for any reason, they will forfeit any berths and travel money awarded prior to the disbandment.

Good luck this year and we hope to see you guys at the DeMarini Elite World Series in 2021.

Contact: elite.director@usssa.com