All-State Info

  1. Selected tournaments during the year will be used as All-State qualifiers. The players will be selected by the Tournament directors, Umpires, Coaches or State Director.

1st   Place 5 selections

2nd Place 4 selections

3rd Place 3 selections

4th Place 3 selections

5th Place 2 selections

6th and below 1 selection

  1. All players who are selected from the State Tournaments and World Series All-Tournament team will be nominated.
  2. Each player will play 2 games.
  3. Each player selected will receive a Hat, a Ring and will be listed on the state web site as an All-State player.
  4. All classifications can be nominated (ALL-STAR, Drafted League, A, AA, AAA, MAJOR)
  5. Attending players need to wear their current teams’ uniforms.